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Greetings to our dear visitors,

This article aims to give you hint about what happens after that you decide to visit Turkey in order to have any kind of surgery. Each of the cosmetic and medical surgeries has its’ own procedure and we make the organization chart according to it specifically. But also there are common things to do for all of these procedures.

hilton doubletree
Once you arrive here to Turkey, we meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel or directly to the hospital for examination depending on your timing or the kind of the treatment that you’ld have. In case that it is a late hour, you spend the night resting at the hotel.
range rover transfer
At the second day of your arrival, we transfer you to the hospital for your appointment with the doctor. Following the examination and the blood tests, the process begins. We’ld like to remind that you’ld be accompanied by our personal translator within that period. Right after the operation, it may require staying at the hospital under the medical observation for a few days according to the kind of surgery as we mentioned above. If you are here for a cosmetic surgery, you generally spend the most of your time at the hotel and that means you’ll have chance to do some sightseeing as well.
Before the day you go back to your country, we take you to the hospital for a final check and interview with your doctor. You’ld be kept informed about the points to take into consideration and do’s and don’ts during the postoperative period. And the last day in Turkey, we accompany you to the airport and say good-bye but it is not over yet. We follow up with you. It also makes our day to see you get the best result and to be sure that you are content with our service.
We hope that the text helps you to keep the whole process in a clearer perspective and leave no room for any doubt. For further information please feel free to ask us any question through our online support line.


With Our Kindest Regards,

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