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Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

nose job -  rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a surgical operation that corrects all functional problems inside the nose and aesthetic problems. Mainly, rhinoplasty enables healthier breathing and increases life quality. This operation successfully correct inner nose shape and function problems. 

Nose reduction or enlargement, removing bone or cartilage from nose or reshaping nostrils are nose problems that are solved with rhinoplasty. Patients can be operated after 18 years old. If skin type, cartilage structure and shape, tissue healing potential and bone deformation are considered, this operation has high success rates. These factors can directly impact success rate. Correct identification and correct revision is in line with expertise of the doctor. You need to choose an expert surgeons to operate your nose area which attracts the most attention on your face. 

Current rhinoplasty methods

rhinoplasty in turkey

Rhinoplasty in Turkey has been one of the most common aesthetic operations since 1970. For approximately 50 years, technological developments are closely followed. In rhinoplasty, there are two methods to reach nasal skeleton. Surgeons will determine which method is suitable for the patient. One of these methods is called open method. In this method, external incision enables lifting skin and subcutaneous tissue. This way, full dominance is established on nasal anatomy and problems are solved. This is generally preferred in serious nose tip problems or advanced bone curves. Other method is called closed method. In closed method, all incisions are made from inside. Since all operation is done from nostrils, this method is hard and required expertise. 

Regardless of rhinoplasty operation method, general anaesthesia is applied. Patient might use nasal tampon for 1-7 days after the surgery. Unlike old tampon methods, current silicon tampons do not hurt the patient when they are removed. Additionally, nasal splint must be used for 7-10 days. Nasal splint is placed and removed by operating surgeon. Slight pain and tingling during healing and oedema and purple circles around nose, under eye area and cheeks are normal. Pain killers recommended by your doctor will be sufficient to decrease mild pain. For oedema, you can apply ice compress. Post-operative oedema and purple circles will go away on 1 week.

Is rhinoplasty different for genders?

There is no functional different between male and female nose. But there are visual differences. Therefore, visual details that change for genders are considered for rhinoplasty. Men should have 90 degree angle between upper lip and nose. This angle is slightly more in women. During rhinoplasty for male patients, transition between nose tip and nose hum is clearer and nose tip is larger. Narrow nose tip and unclear nose tip and nose hump transition will lead feminine look. 

What is revision rhinoplasty?

If the patient needs second operation after incorrect or insufficient rhinoplasty, this second rhinoplasty is called revision rhinoplasty. After rhinoplasty, nasal valve closing after taking deep breath and insufficient breathing, lack of harmony between nose and face shapes (too large or too small), not eliminating nasal hump sufficiently, dropped nose tip or swelled look on nose tip, seeing nostrils when you look directly (nose tip lifted too much) are indicators of revision rhinoplasty

Best season for rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty operation can be done in all seasons. But depending on season, there are certain points to be considered by the patient. For example, during summer operations, patient needs to protect incision region from direct sun to prevent discolouration of scar. To prevent this, patients need to use high SPF sunscreen 30 minutes before going out to sun. Also, patients need to avoid heavy sunglasses since these sunglasses apply pressure on nasal back. Patients should avoid pool, sea and sauna as long as doctors gives permission. After winter operations, slight tingling and sensitivity can be experienced in early period due to cold weather. This is normal and there is nothing to worry about. 

Why is massage important after rhinoplasty?

When you remove the splint after rhinoplasty, you doctors might recommend nose massage with or without gel. Purpose of post-op nose massage is to increase circulation in that area with controlled pressure, spreading and eliminating oedema and decreasing healing process. 

How should you massage your nose?

You need to hold your nasal flaring between you thumb and index finger. You need to massage from bottom to top and move from under eye to nasal back. You need to repeat this one-way massage movement as recommended by your doctor. 

When can I see exact result after rhinoplasty?

Your nose will take the final shape 8-12 months after rhinoplasty operation. Your nose will progress to take the final result. During this time, local and small oedema can occur as well as general oedema. This oedema is temporarily and you will be the only one who notices this change when you nose shape is setting. Your nose will have the permanent shape 12 months after the operation. 

Modified Date:

July 30, 2019