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Otoplasty Operation

Ears play an important role on or physical appearance. Misshaped ears can cause unattractive look. Most people with prominent ear feel dissatisfied about their look. With otoplasty operation, it is possible to fix prominent ear and other outer ear problems.

Otoplasty surgery is also known as cosmetic eat surgery. This operation deals with cosmetic problems of the outer ear. Generally, ear is reshaped or repositioned in this operation. Depending on the severity of cosmetic problem, different methods can be applied in this surgery.

Prominent ear is especially a big problem during childhood. Most people experience bullying due to their large and misshaped ears. In addition to having large ears by birth, it is possible to have cosmetic defects due to accidents or injuries. All of these problems with outer ear can be corrected with outer ear cosmetic surgery.

We all know that bullying for physical defects can be seen all over the world. To solve this problem, cosmetic ear surgery offers a solution. Otoplasty surgery in İstanbul is also highly common application like other countries of the world. There are lots of talented and experienced doctors in Turkey. These doctors can complete a successful otoplasty operation and solve prominent ear problem.

What Is the Right Age for Otoplasty?

If a patient wants to have an operation, this operation might have an age limit. While some operations have age limit of 18 years old, otoplasty operation has lower age limit. When ears reach maturity, patients can have this operation. In most cases, ears will reach maturity at the age of 3. However, doctors might want to wait until 5 years old. Since prominent ear is a huge aesthetic problem for children, it is important to solve this problem before experiencing any psychological damage.

Also, adult patients can have this operation. Over time, our ears get bigger. In some cases, ear growth might cause unpleasant look. Or adults might experience deformation due to accidents or injuries. In these cases, otoplasty surgery can reshape outer ear. This way, ear will have an aesthetic look.

Who Needs Otoplasty Operation?

In this operation, only outer ear is corrected. There is no intervention to hearing functions. For this reason, this operation is considered as a cosmetic surgery. Anyone having a shape deformation on outer ear can have this operation. Also, people with prominent ear can have this operation to eliminate their cosmetic problem.

Both child and adult patients are suitable candidates for otoplasty. In fact, children often have highly successful results. When the child reaches 5 years old, s/he can have this operation to have more aesthetic looking ear.

How Are Patients Operated?

Otoplasty is a surgical operation. For this reason, anaesthesia is applied to patients. However, it is possible to operate the patients under local anaesthesia. This decision is made by the doctor after examining the patients. For adults, otoplasty local anaesthesia is often preferred. But in case of children, doctors might prefer genera anaesthesia. Since children tend to move a lot, they might ove and disturb the operation under local anaesthesia.

In this operation, doctor might reshape the cartilage of the outer ear. There are different otoplasty techniques. One of the techniques involve suturing. In this technique, there is no need to make any cuts. Suturing is ideal for patients with mild prominent ear problem.

On the other hand, there is also incision and suturing technique. In this technique, doctor will make an incision to outer ear. This might be applied when patients have extreme cartilage problem. Also, cartilage thinning is another technique that could be selected in this operation. There are also many other techniques that can be applied to reshape the outer ear. After examining the patient, doctor will choose the most suitable otoplasty technique for the patient.

In this operation, outer ear is considered from three angles. Doctors operate the ear to correct the shape from side, rear and front. All three perspective must match each other for an aesthetic ear look. Some people might have large outer ear and other might experience prominent ear. Also, front look of the ears might disturb patients as well. Otoplasty for prominent ear will solve how ear looks from the front. Also, rear and side looks will be corrected.

Post-Operation Process

Since this is a surgical operation, there is a healing and recovery process. Otoplasty recovery process is relatively easy compared to other cosmetic operations. After the surgery, doctor will dress the wound with a bandage. This will prevent the patient to contact with his/her ear.

In addition to bandaging, doctor will prescribe certain medications. These medications might include pain killers and antibiotics. Antibiotics are necessary to prevent any infection that might arise from this operation. Also, taking pain killers as prescribed by the doctor can relieve the pain for the first couple of days.

While sleeping, it is important to protect your operated ear. If you are sleeping on your operation side, you might want to switch that for couple of weeks. Applying pressure on your operated ear might cause pain and discomfort. Also, this pressure might cause bleeding. It is better to sleep on the other side or backwards to prevent any pressure on operated ear.

Otoplasty bandages  will be removed few days after the surgery. These bandages will be removed by the doctor. After the operation, it is normal for the ears to swell and look red. This swelling and redness will pass over time. Depending on stitches used in this operation, you might need to visit your doctor to remove your stiches. If you have dissolvable stitches, these will dissolve on their own.

Your doctor will inform you about when you can have a bath or contact your ear with water. In the meantime, you need to avoid contacting with water. Also, your doctor might advice to minimise your physical activity. While your bandages are removed, you can ask these details to your doctor. Taking care of your ears after the surgery will minimize any otoplasty scarring. Generally, sutures ar not visible to the eye after complete recovery.

Will Otoplasty Operation Have Permanent Results?

Yes, otoplasty surgery results are permanent. After the recovery process, ears will keep their new shape. However, in extreme cases, otoplasty revision might be necessary. In these extreme cases, it might be hard to correct the problem in one operation. For this reason, patients might need another surgery to achieve the best result possible.

Otoplasty Abroad

As more and more people want to have an aesthetic looking ear, otoplasty abroad options are increasing. People want to have their operation to the best otoplasty doctors in the world. For this reason, people are looking for doctors and clinics around the world. Another factor that increases the demand for having otoplasty operation abroad is related with operation costs. people always look for more affordable alternatives.

Turkey has become one of the leading countries in cosmetic surgery field. There are different clinics and doctors offering high-quality services. Otoplasty operation in İstanbul is highly demanded. People from different countries are visiting İstanbul to have their ear operations. Doctors working in this field has extensive knowledge and experience. Doctors have operated lots of patients and they know they requirements of this operation.

Modified Date:

July 8, 2019