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Liposuction Surgery

Recently, Turkey has witnessed a substantial jump in the plastic surgery field. Medical tourism is one of the most important basis of the Turkish economy.

Turkey receives thousands of patients every year for cosmetic surgery and liposuction in Turkey is also one of the most important cosmetic fields that receive a large number of peole who is living in Turkey or abroad.

This is not excluded, especially when you know that Turkey is one of the best countries in the world that is witnessing significant progress in the cosmetic field in comparison with European countries. It tas taken the lead position in the list of best countries for cosmetic surgery. On the contrary, if European countries and the Turkey are compared with the cosmetic field Turkey will win in this field. Since Turkey offers much better competitive prices from European countries to have liposuction in Turkey is very popular.

The Process of Liposuction in Turkey

These techniques are a collection of operations with various methods applied on the Obesity‘s patients to get rid of the problem of obesity, which is overwhelmed him by many years. Liposuction in Turkey is not limited to one area of ​​the body, but extends to include different parties and areas of the body, and this is depended on what the patient suffers himself. There are cases that may suffer from the fat accumulation, and localize in the abdomen, so we will here in this operation of apply liposuction from the abdomen, in the other hand there is others suffering from the accumulation of fat in the buttocks, so in this case, we will apply liposuction from the buttocks and other areas that suffer from obesity. Liposuction is done from the body depending on the number of machines, and modern techniques that are specialized.

liposuction surgery in turkey

How and Why Do Fats Accumulate in the body?

You can suffer from some fatty accumulations in certain areas of the body due to wrong eating habits, such as junk food, high-fat foods, and the lack of healthy meals containing protein, vitamins, and minerals in your diet. These are among the most important foods the human body needs.

Also, the lack of doing exercises that helps your body make it tight and also plays an important role in the fat accumulation within certain areas of your body. In addition, the genetic factor has an important role in the suffering of the body of obesity, because if you are in a family with a majority of its members of obesity, you are also eligible for infection.  It shall be noted that each body has its own nature in which the fat accumulates inside. This certainly makes us in front of different types of fatty accumulation.

Pre-liposuction operation

Although liposuction is a more complicated surgery than it seems. If not all the necessary precautions are taken to deal with the condition properly. This may lead to undesirable results in the end. The doctor is always keen to take all the procedures and precautions required before the procedure for the patient and this goes through a comprehensive and general examination of the patient where the measurement of vital parameters  of the body of pressure, sugar, and the detection of cardiac health, and performance of some tests. And it is higly important to know if the patient is suffering from any other diseases can be a barrier between him and the procedure of liposuction.

Phases of liposuction operation

Liposuction is performed in several stages:

Preparation Phase

The patient shall stop eating and drinking about 8 hours before the operation.  This is because the will undergo anesthesia, and then the doctors prepare to complete sterilization before entering the operation. The surgeon will also determine the areas where the liposuction is performed on the patient’s body. In addition to determining where to suspend liposuction tube, so as not to leave any chance of surgical mistake during the operation, as all places are clearly defined before the operation.

liposuction areas

Operation Phase

According to what the doctor sees fit when the procedure is performed, or it will anesthetize the patient totally or partially. This is determined by the length of the operation, and the area to apply fat suction, and then the patient will be admitted to the operating table taking into account that the fixation by the place where the fat accumulation. When the surgeon begins to enter the tube to areas, determined before to melt fat from, and after making sure that he has melted all the fat under the skin, enters the liposuction tube. This tube is using to remove the fat that has been molten inside the body out of the body and this tube may be a bottle, or jars, or anything else, and is replaced when full. After the the melting of all fat and suction the doctor closes the wounds that the surgical instruments get in and where the fat is extracted by a medical brassiere. 

Post-liposuction operation

Often, a snack will be provided to you after recovery from the anesthesia and to inform you of all the results of the operation, the amount of fat that has been suctioned from your body in addition to other important information of the operation. Nurses will also measure your vital indicators to make sure that there are no signs can be source of concern, and then you will be allowed to leave the hospital, go home. On the second day you will have to go back to the medical center to make sure that everything is fine, and then you will be given medicines to fill the appetite, and you will be asked to follow a certain diet in order to come to the operation of fruit benefits, and certainly will take your measurements to compare the measurements taken before the operation, and measurements taken after. You can then travel to your city again or return to your home. The Center will follow up the results with you first time by phone.

Liposuction Techniques

We will briefly illustrate the two techniques that can be used to suck body fat, Laser liposuction and Vaser liposuction. These are two of the highest techniques that give the patient incredible results that will completely satisfy the patient. The following procedures:

Laser liposuction

Laser is involved in many different cosmetic fields, including liposuction in Turkey and laser is one of the most popular liposuction techniques, This is because of the ease of operation, and the absence of any dangerous complications, It is also one of the most prominent modern technologies that have revolutionized the field of liposuction in Turkey, This is due to offering many advantages including: –

No need to open large wound until the fat is melted, suctioned again,  The laser device that is used in the operation of liposuction is very fine technique, It does not need more than 2 or 4 mm as a small opening that can cross inside of the body and start working.

In addition, laser liposuction recovery technique is very fast, does not take time, this is because the complications are almost non-existent, so it is a very safe technology and much better than surgical techniques, that depend on the removal of fatty accumulation surgically.

This operation provides the possibility of melting body fatty accumulation as soon as possible. There is no need to perform more than one operation to get rid of fatty accumulation from each region on its own, oppositely in one operation can suction all body fatty accumulation.

Vaser Liposuction

This technique is based on the Vaser device. It also relies on ultrasonic waves to destruct fatty accumulations where the inclusion of some fluids with Anesthetic drugs and inject the area to be destructed and then make several openings not exceeding a diameter of one half centimeter. Then introduce the tube on which the technique is based and ultrasound waves applied to destruct fatty accumulations. This is without harming the blood vessels surrounding the fats which cause bleeding through rupture of blood vessels during the process of melting  and liposuction is done in slow rate. This also stimulates collagen in the skin which helps to tighten skin again in an excellent manner, and sculpted body shape in a professional manner.

Suitable areas  for liposuction

There is no specific area restricted to allow the fat, but there are many physical areas that are eligible for it, including the following:

Face fats, which often resides under the chin as an extension to the neck.

Face fats is either higher, or lower arms.

Lipids are localized at the top of the back, and in the lower back.

Buttocks fats and thighs.

Fat surrounding the abdomen from the top, bottom, chest fats as well.

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Modified Date:

July 30, 2019