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Body Contouring for Men

Men want to achieve muscular look. For this reason, they want their body fat ratio to be low. But it might not be possible to achieve the look they have want with diet or exercise. In this case, Body contouring for men will give men the look they have always wanted. This operation is not a weight losing operation. So, if you want to lose weight, you might need to consider other surgical operations like stomach Botox or gastric balloon. This operation will only shape your body to achieve more attractive look.

Our body tends to store fat. This is a natural process and we need to store fat to survive. Our bodies are evolved this way. So, when there is no food, we can consume our fat tissues to survive. But with current lifestyle, we accumulate fat more than ever. Our sedentary lifestyle leads fat accumulation around our belly or hips. And most of the time, it is really hard to eliminate this fat tissue.

No matter how healthy you eat or life, your body might store fat around your belly. This is often caused by genetics. Since we cannot change our genetics, we need other methods to have attractive look. Malae body contouring is a method developed to solve this problem. Body contouring for men and women can have two forms. These are surgical and non-surgical methods. Depending on patients conditions and desires, doctor can chose either one of these methods. Both surgical and on-surgical body contouring applications have visible results.

Why Do Men Want to Contour Their Body?

We all heard body contouring for women. But in recent years, men started to care of themselves more than ever. And they want to have more muscular body with defined lines. As most of men don’t have hours to spend in gym, they look for more convenient methods.

With advancement in medical field and technology, there are new and highly effective cosmetic surgeries. These surgeries enhance the existing features of individuals. For that reason, men want to have these operations to achieve more attractive look.

Is Body Contouring for Men a Surgery?

As we have mentioned above, there are two options. You can either opt for surgical body contouring for men or non-surgical body contouring for men. This will depend on your health status. For example, some people might be allergic to general anaesthesia. In this case, surgical contouring option will not be an option.

Before deciding on contouring operation, doctor will ask for certain blood tests. These blood tests are necessary to assess general health status of the patient. Based on blood test results, doctor will make certain recommendations. After your examination, you and your doctor can decide on the best body contouring method that will meet your needs.

Do I Need to Lose Weight Before Body Contouring?

If you are obese or overweight, you cannot have body contouring. Generally, there are certain limitations to have this surgery to reduce body contouring risks to minimum. Also, this operation is not a weight losing operation. If you have weight problems, you first need to solve your weight problem. Body contouring only aims to shape your body to have attractive look. For this reason, this operation is often called cosmetic surgery.

If you have weight problem, you might consider stomach Botox or gastric balloon operations. Combined with correct lifestyle changes, these operations will help patients to lose weight. After achieving certain weights and health condition, patients can consider contouring operation.

How Is Body Contouring for Men Applied?

Surgical body contouring for men is actually a liposuction and fat injection operation. Liposuction and fat injection can be operated separately or these two methods can be combined. Choosing operation method will depend on patient’s needs.

For example, if patient only has fat accumulation problem, liposuction will be enough. In some cases, men want their breasts to long stronger and more muscular. In these cases, doctors can inject some fat to breast tissue to create a muscular frame. To do that, fat is accumulated from patient with liposuction. After fat tissues are collected with liposuction, fat injection is carried out. For both operations, patients needs to have general anaesthesia.

Surgical Body Contouring

One of the most popular and most effective method is surgical body contouring. These operations are applied under general anaesthesia and patients are hospitalised for couple of days. Most common operations for contouring are liposuction and fat injection.

Liposuction for Body Contouring

In liposuction, fat accumulated under the skin are broken and removed. This will give more muscular look to men as fat on muscle tissue will be removed. Abs can be more visible after removing fat with liposuction. Also, it is possible to remove excess fat around belly, arms and legs. Liposuction for body contouring will remove fat tissue. If patients eat healthy and do sports after this operation, new fat cells will not be formed around operation area.

Fat Injection for Body Contouring for Men

Another surgical method is fat injection for body contouring. Before fat injection, this fat must be collected from the patient. Fat is collected with liposuction. Afterwards, this fat is injected to desired locations. It is possible to define muscles with fat injection. Also, fat can be injected to correct problems in the body. In general, injecting fat to body will reshape your lines.

Fillers to Shape Body

Other option for body contouring in men is fillers. There are two types of fillers: body fillers and facial fillers. It is possible to define both the body and face by using suitable fillers.

Non-Surgical Body Contouring

In addition to surgical body contouring operations, there are also non-surgical body contouring treatments as well. These treatments often use heat or ultrasound to rupture fat cells. These treatments are also called non-invasive methods. You can have non-surgical operations in cosmetic operation clinics. Like surgical options, these treatments will provide effective results.

There is an increasing demand to non-surgical options as well. Recovery in these treatments are shorter than surgical options. Also, patients can immediately go back to their daily lives. In these methods, fat tissue under the skin is damaged with ultrasound, freezing or by applying heat. Then, these fat tissues are removed by the body itself. So, you need to drink plenty of water and do other recommended things to remove the fat.

Generally, these treatments are applied in sessions. You might need 3 or 4 sessions to see effective results. Like surgical options, you can contour any part of your body. Non-surgical body contouring for men are suitable for belly, back, side, arm and leg fats.

Is Body Contouring Permanent?

After the surgery, you will need some time to see exact results. After 3-4 weeks, you will start to see that your body looks better than before. Although you can go back to your daily live in couple of days, body contouring recovery takes a little longer. You body needs time to adjust to new conditions.

Once you complete your recovery, body contouring results will be permanent. However, you need to continue your healthy lifestyle. If you gain weight or if you stop working out, your body might accumulate fat again. To prevent this, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle before and after body contouring.

Modified Date:

August 7, 2019